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Friday, August 8, 2008

A Brand New Day!

Today is just that a "Brand New Day" not only as I write this entry of what will become the first of many for this new outlet of my 'Creative Mind', but also a place of reference, knowledge, humor, maybe even understanding... Some say the difference in genius and madness is a fine line, well somedays I would have to agree.

In my 40 years on this earth I have come to learn many things, met a lot of interesting people and I must tell you I have much to share.  So I hope you visit this blog often for I will try very hard to make the time to fill it with positive and uplifting information... alright and some fun stuff too from time to time!   Please check out the website if you haven't lately

Just to share one other tidbit:  Shane A. Hinkle Enterprises was formed when I was about 14 years old.  That is true.  Who would have ever realized it would have grown like it has?   I'll admit, I did.  You have to dream big and NEVER EVER EVER lose sight of what you want in life!  

As I close for this first entry I will offer this - tonight marked the opening of the Olympics in China, all I can say was WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A new day for them in a country that has seen many things.  To the athletes that are about to compete... they are there not just because they are the best but because they have NEVER lost sight of what they wanted in life and now before the world they will get their chance.  To all of them I say go for it!  To the USA Team I say "Give it everything you've got and the best of luck!!!"

What have you done today to realize your dreams?  If not today when?

If you have faith the size of a mustard seed... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!


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